Weber River Parkway Trail

  • 10/10 dog friendly
  • 10/10 kid friendly
  • 5/5 Accessibility
  • 1/10 Difficulty (VERY easy)
  • Bathrooms
  • Plenty of parking
My favorite season to walk the trail is late spring. Everything is in full bloom and was vividly green.

I love this trail. It is miles and miles of paved pathway that follows the Weber River as it winds through Weber county. There are quite a few parking lots that are scattered along the trail. These parking lots are the perfect starting place. You get to choose which direction you want to go (north or south) and still have miles of shade, gentle turns and gorgeous views in either direction. There are turn offs that take you to a huge disc golf course, dirt trails that wind closer to the river, mountain bike tracks, a kid-friendly mountain bike training park and small picnic areas sprinkled throughout the way.

Since getting Zero, our border collie, in February of 2018, we have walked this trail almost every day. Sunshine, rain, snowy or covered in leaves, this trail is always well maintained. There are trash receptacles placed periodically along the trail, doggie bags placed sporadically (I would still recommend bringing your own) and bathrooms by the parking lots. In the wintertime, they lock most of the bathrooms but a few porta-pottys are accessible in some of the parking lots.

Zero LOVES this trail because there’s plenty of things to smell and access to the water at multiple points.

There’s plenty of places to go down to the river for floating or fishing. If you are ever in the area or need something to do when you’re in the Ogden/Riverdale area, I would highly recommend you check this place out.

Have a fantastic adventure this week!

– Mindy 🙂

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