Our Must Have Items for Raising A Border Collie (or any other active dog breed)

Zero is our sweet Border Collie puppy. We’ve had him for just over a year and it has been a crazy, active year. I’ll be the first one to tell you that I did not understand what people meant when they said that some dogs are “high energy” breeds. I didn’t grow up raising dogsContinue reading “Our Must Have Items for Raising A Border Collie (or any other active dog breed)”

Steed Creek Trail

10/10 dog friendly 7/10 kid friendly 4/5 accessibility 4/10 difficulty No bathrooms Plenty of parking This trail has special meaning for me. Mitch and I met and started dating in high school, but because we both served missions for our church in different countries at incongruent times, we didn’t see each other in person forContinue reading “Steed Creek Trail”

Bloods Lake Trail

9/10 dog friendly 7/10 kid friendly 3/5 Accessibility 5/10 Difficulty Bathrooms Plenty of parking We discovered this trail in September 2017. We went on our honeymoon in Park City, Utah and spent some time on the trails in that area. It is absolutely stunning. The colors, the town, the weather and the wildlife. We tryContinue reading “Bloods Lake Trail”

Weber River Parkway Trail

10/10 dog friendly 10/10 kid friendly 5/5 Accessibility 1/10 Difficulty (VERY easy) Bathrooms Plenty of parking I love this trail. It is miles and miles of paved pathway that follows the Weber River as it winds through Weber county. There are quite a few parking lots that are scattered along the trail. These parking lotsContinue reading “Weber River Parkway Trail”

Let me introduce myself…

This is us. Mindy and Mitch. My name is Mindy. My husbands’ name is Mitch. We are high school sweethearts turned lifelong adventure buddies. We both grew up in Utah with the mountains as our backyard and a strong desire to explore them. We’ve built a little life together that includes our sweet furry baby,Continue reading “Let me introduce myself…”

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